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Proud father, John Legend takes baby for a walk with his wife

All of me singer John Legend who became a Father last month took his baby for a walk with his wife Chrissy Teigen. What a lovely family to behold!!!

John Legend and his family went for a walk in New York City; John carried his daughter with a gray baby carrier while his wife Chrissy carried the baby’s bag.

Chrissy wore all black outfits for the stroll as her hubby John Legend put on a bomber jacket with a dark shirt underneath. The couple both wore dark sunglasses with John showing off his wristwatch and wedding ring while Chrissy wore gold colored circle earrings. Chrissy tied back her hair with a scarf, they both wore boots but Chrissy boots were high knee boots.

They stopped at a spot to look at their baby Luna and check if she was alright, Chrissy leaned in to take a closer look and also tickle her baby with sweet words while John looked lovingly at the two.

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