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About 240 migrants reportedly dead in Shipwreck off the coast of Libya

Two shipwrecks off the coast of Libya was reported to have claimed the lives of about 240 migrants.

According to the UN refugee agency, the migrants are believed to have drowned as a result of the shipwreck. Spokeswoman of the agency, Carlotta Sami revealed that the news of the shipwrecks was told by survivors found on the shores of the Italian island of Lampedusa, adding that no bodies had been recovered so far.

Reacting to the news, spokesman of the International Organization of Migration, Leonard Doyle revealed that no less than 4,200 migrants had died this year while making this dangerous journey across the ‘Mediterranean Sea’.

According to the UN, many of the victims from the last two shipwreck incidents are believed to be migrants from Western Africa.

30 people were reported to have survived one of the last two shipwrecks with about 120 people missing. In the other incident, two people were rescued while swimming to safety whereas about 120 people went missing.

The UN reports that smugglers who organize these migrants are responsible for these casualties because they overload them on flimsy boats and send them off during bad weather conditions.

Ever since the termination of migrants from traveling to Greek Islands, Italy has seen a drastic increase in the number of migrants from Libya and other African countries.

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