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Aide to House of Representatives Deputy Speaker slumps and dies in National Assembly

The ‘Senior Legislative Aide’ to the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives (Yusuf Lasun), ‘Abubakar Sani Doki’ died yesterday at the National Assembly premises after he allegedly collapsed and was rushed to the National Assembly clinic by his son.

According to Sahara Reporters, Abubakar Doki was rushed to the clinic around 10:00am but kicked the bucket at around 11:00am.

Security sources revealed that Abubakar Doki did not slump at the National Assembly entrance as reported by various media outlets but was rather feeling ill and was rushed to the clinic.

A security source said;

"He was rushed to the clinic on a wheelchair and died an hour after. He didn't slump at the entrance of the National Assembly as being speculated".

A senior staff of the clinic revealed that the deceased condition was too critical for the National Assembly to handle.

The staff said;

"The deceased came to the clinic for treatment but had to be referred since his condition was already critical".

The deceased was further identified to be a childhood friend of ‘Ibrahim Babangida Mahuta’ who is the House Committee on Finance Chairman.

National Assembly's Director of Information, Mr. Ishaku Dibal confirmed the death of the Senior Legislative Aide who worked under Deputy Speaker, Yusuf Lasun.


Abubakar Sani Doki

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