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Lionel Messi’s brother wanted by police over gun and litters of blood discovered in his boat

Barcelona star, Lionel Messi’s brother is facing a new court investigation after police found a gun and blood all over a boat he claimed to have had an accident in.

Daily mail reports that Matias Messi, 35, told a security guard when he reached a private fishing club near his home in Argentina yesterday that he had cut his face after colliding with a sandbank.

But prosecutors ordered Police to track him down so he could be formally questioned after  discovering a handgun in the blood-spattered vessel, they ordered police.

He is presently said to be facing arrest after officers failed to locate him.

Argentinian news publications published pictures of the blood-covered motor boat, which was left at a fishing club in the town of Fighiera, a 20-minute drive from Matias’s home on a private estate in General Lagos.

Prosecutor Jose Luis Caterina applied for an arrest warrant for Matias after a second attempt to locate him failed following the discovery of the .380 handgun.

Matias, who almost died three months back in a car crash is said to have driven himself to a health centre for treatment.

This is not the first time he has been in trouble with the law. Last year he was instructed to teach football as part of a probation order after being caught with a gun in his car.

And was also ordered to stay off drugs as well as drink and pay a fine of around €470 (£415).








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