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Woman stopped by police because they thought she was walking naked

A woman, Abbie Crawford was stopped by police who thought she was wandering around the streets half-naked in the middle of the day.

The 25-year-old, who went viral after confused locals in Newton-Le-Willows in Merseyside, took photos of her after mistaking her for being naked.

Abbie was walking in a tiny pair of hot-pant that was covered by her coat.

She told The Sun:

‘They’re my pulling shorts. I wear them when I crave attention – and obviously they never fail me.’

Abbie added that she found it ‘hilarious’ that her favourite pair of shorts, from Topshop, had got so much attention.

She said:

‘I had my music in, so didn’t notice anyone saying anything or looking at me in a funny way.

My friend only just showed me the picture yesterday – I was stunned, I couldn’t believe it.’

As Abbie walked along the pavement with her headphones while people stopped and stared, believing she had gone out without underwear.

Eventually officers caught up with her and after establishing she was in fact wearing clothes, advised her to dress appropriately.





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