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Properties destroyed as Gwari and Hausa Tribes clash in Abuja on Christmas Day

Christmas Day is meant to be a day of celebration but unfortunately for members of the Hausa and Gwari tribes in Bwari, Abuja; Christmas wasn’t all happiness as both tribes clashed violently, destroying several properties with one confirmed dead in the altercation.

PUNCH reports that the clash started following a fight between a Hausa youth and a Gwari youth which led to the death of the Gwari youth and ultimately the clash between both tribes.

An eyewitness, Musa Nurudeen disclosed that there had been a tussle for supremacy between both tribes prior to the incident on Monday and the death of the Gwari youth provoked the Gwari tribe to react violently.

Nurudeen said;

"In October, there was a protest by the Gwari people that there cannot be two rulers in one kingdom and that they want the government to recognize the Etsu Bwari while the Sarkin Bwari should be abolished".

"So last night, there was a fight between a Gwari and a Hausa youth which led to the death of the Gwari youth, this infuriated the Gwari youths and that was what led to the clash".

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command who confirmed the clash stated that the details of the incident were still sketchy.

Spokesman for the Command, Anjuguri Manzah said;

"The details of the incident are still sketchy, but our immediate objective is to contain the violence and ensure the security of lives and property".

The Police Command has advised that residents in the area remain indoors with National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) patrol vehicles seen in the area.


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