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The crowd gathered around a particular figure whose gender was still unclear to Isiaku who approached the scene with caution and curiosity. Different sets of people could be found at the scene; from those who cried at the horrific sight to those who stood there nodding their heads in pity down to those who took pictures and recorded videos.

Isiaku had just beat the last body blocking his view when he saw her, Amanda, laying lifeless on the floor with her 100k exquisite suit and her Hermes handbag. His brain could not process the horrific sight, she had been crushed nearly to pieces by a heavy hit and run truck driver who scampered away after knocking her down.

Her legs were in awkward positions, her arms were barely hanging on her body and her face was the only thing that could be recognized from her entire body. He was paralyzed and could barely even utter a word to ask what had happened but it was obvious she had been hit by a vehicle and a big one at that.

His attention was drawn to people who were conversing about the accident, arguing who was at fault and who wasn’t. How could they stand there are make such an argument with a lifeless corpse right in front of them, he wondered as he turned his gaze towards the deceased.

Amanda Ajuruonu, a first class graduate of his school, the one girl who every lecturer used to tease other students, the one girl who secured her first job while she was in her final year, the one girl who was the richest amongst all the students in his set. What was she doing crossing the road, he wondered; for all he knew, she had her own car.

A Yoruba lady who appeared to have witnessed the incident firsthand narrated the accident to those who cared to listen. She revealed that the young lady had just alighted from a bus and stepped right in front of the approaching truck as if she wanted it to hit her. The truck honked and tried to swerve but it was too late, it rammed into her and managed to swerve the other way after crushing all but her face.

Isiaku’s ears could not believe what he had just heard, what the lady was implying was that Amanda had committed suicide. A girl who was living the perfect life, what could have pushed her into doing that, he wondered again as he turned towards the direction he had approached from.

Here he was cursing at a tricycle driver who merely splashed water on his clothes whereas a person who he had envied for years was busy taking her own life. What if the tricycle had hit him rather than splash water on him? What would have become of him? He wondered as he stared through the window of the bus taking him back home.

For all his unemployment and travails, he had always viewed life as a complete waste of time and effort but no more. Isiaku made up his mind never to take life for granted anymore.


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