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8-year old boy tortured to death by Mother's Boyfriend because he was believed to be Gay

An 8-year old boy identified as Gabriel Fernandez was allegedly tortured to death by his mother, Pearl Fernandez's boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre who felt the boy was gay.

According to Attitude, 32-year old Isauro Aguirre from Palmdale, California was accused of torturing Gabriel by beating him, burning him with cigarettes, starving him, feeding him with cat faeces and expired foods until he passed away.

Prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, Jon Hatami revealed the horrific ordeals the deceased passed through at the hands of his mother and Isauro Aguirre during the opening statements of his trial.

Gabriel's brother, Ezequiel Fernandez during the trial also confirmed that his brother was subjected to eating spoilt and expired food. Ezequiel in a statement recalled that his brother was forced to eat expired spinach once which he threw up and was made to eat the vomit off the table.

Ezequiel told the court;

"My mom and her boyfriend made Gabriel eat spoiled stuff or expired stuff. One thing I remember is expired spinach. He threw it up, and they made him eat it off the table".

According to reports, Pearl and her boyfriend [Isauro] had called the police after Gabriel had passed out from eating the expired spinach after which the boy was hospitalized for 2 days before giving up the ghost.

The prosecuting counsel [Hatami] while reacting to the call made by the accused, said they only made the call to cover up their tracks and not in the interest of the child's wellbeing.

Hatami said;

"They didn’t call 911 to help Gabriel. They called 911 to cover up what they did. The defendant lied on the 911 call".

Hatami who labelled Isauro as a bully added;

"The evidence will show that the defendant is nothing more than a bully. He was a security guard who intentionally tortured and abused a helpless and innocent little boy".

Defense counsel for Isauro Aguirre during the trial claimed that although his client admits to the murder, he never intended to kill the child. According to Aguirre's lawyer, the accused did abuse the child but it was never his intention to kill him.

The defence counsel said;

"Despite the horrific abuse, Isauro never intended for Gabriel to die".

Late Gabriel Fernandez's mother, Pearl, has also been charged to court but will be tried differently.


Left (Pearl Fernandez); Right (Isauro Aguirre)

Gabriel Fernandez's Mother- Pearl Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez with his grandparents





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