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‘Mad’ woman names a pastor as her baby’s father, provides photos of them together

An Oyo-based pastor has been brought forth to the glare of the general public after a mentally deranged woman claimed he impregnated her.

The woman identified as Mary with a one-year-old baby, was recently found near University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo state capital and when questioned by the people who found her, she named a pastor as her baby’s father.

To back up her shocking story, NationalHelm reports that the woman provided pictures – showing her posing with the pastor during her pregnancy and after childbirth.

When contacted by a radio journalist, the pastor refused to comment on the issue and allegedly threatened the reporter not to air the story.

Judging from facts on ground, Nigerians who are familiar with the story after it was aired on Splash F.M, feel that the man strongly knows about the woman’s baby.

One is left but to wonder why the pastor will want to take pictures with the unfit woman when the picture will one day come to the public glare.



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