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‘Hunger dey o’ – Man tells story of how someone snatched his Pepsi drink with the speed of light in Iyana Iba, Lagos

When some people decry the level of poverty in the country- a lot of people wouldn’t understand how bad it has come to be until they witness it first hand.

A Twitter user, Izuu Ikeliani has taken to the platform to share the story of how he was robbed yesterday at Iyana Iba, Lagos and to think about what was snatched from him- A plastic bottle of Pepsi.

Izuu narrated how someone snatched his Pepsi drink with the speed of light, stating that his only regret was not giving the pick-pocket a gala to make a great combo.

This is indeed funny but goes a long way to reveal the economic situation of the country and the suffering of the masses.

A lot of adjustment has to be done to alleviate the poverty level of Nigerians. We hope the government do something fast before things get out of hands.

Anyway, read his tweets below from bottom to top.


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