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Man sentenced to 4 life terms for the rape and filming of a 3-Month old baby

A paedophile identified as David Vincent Akins who was convicted of four counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child for continuously raping a 3-month-old infant, has been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences.

Akins, 38 who was captured in one of the videos having sex with a 3 months old baby was accused of child pornography and has been behind bars since 2016 when his landlord reported him after finding child pornography on his computer.

Further investigations by the police at that time shows that Akins’ had been making all the graphic collection of pictures and videos by himself and this led authorities to conclude that some of the images appeared to be homemade.

Akins’ family photos was matched with the said contents and it was discovered that some of the shots featured children that were of close relations with him and the most heinous act involved a girl who Akins would record himself having intercourse with over the first three months of her life.

Akins was captured in the video having carnal knowledge of the infant while she was crying and Akins made a laugh over it. He appeared as if he was having the most fun of his life and never cared the consequence of his actions on the baby, police source reveals.

Speaking on the case, the Chief Prosecutor of Montgomery County’s Internet Crimes Against Children Division, Mary Nan Huffman, said:

“This baby was raped before she could roll over, that is a heinous crime against humanity. A man like this is not supposed to live among humans. He will bear the consequences of his actions” said

Five of Akins’ past rape victims reportedly testified against him during his trial. The crimes spanned back to when he was just 14-years-old, at which point he did spend time in a juvenile detention center for his actions.

The ages of the victims at the time they were raped ranged from 3 to 11. The convict won’t be eligible for parole.







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