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2015 Batch B Corps members pass out in low key ceremony nationwide in a bid to ensure security of participants

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has withheld this year’s annual passing out and winding up ceremony held for outgoing corps members nationwide to ensure their safety.

The NYSC Director-General, Brig.-Gen. Sule Kazaure while addressing the 2015 Batch B ‘Stream I’ set of corps members during their passing out on today been Thursday at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Kubwa, Abuja says it is in the bid to ensure safety of the outgoing corps members

Brig.-Gen. Sule Kazaure who was represented by Mr Adewoye Omotayo, the NYSC FCT Coordinator, Kazaure said the management of the scheme also held back the yearly ceremony due to the present economic challenges facing the country.

“It was a decision made to ensure that all corps members remain safe. On a day like this there is usually a lot of movement of corps members and to prevent any problem from arising we decided to hold back any ceremony.

“The ceremony was also stepped down nationwide because the 2015 Batch B set of corps members were divided into streams I and II. We cannot hold double ceremonies for them just a few weeks apart,” Kazaure said.

He however, called on the outgoing corps members to remain focused on becoming self reliant and self sustaining not relying on government  for jobs but strive to utilise the skills they learnt and become employers of labour in the nearest future.

The NYSC advised them to put into practice all the skills and entrepreneurship training they got  during their one year of national service.

He also charged the corps members to continue to be good ambassadors of their homes, institutions and the country at large.

He reminded the outgoing corps members not to think that their service to the nation had ended, urging them to go out and affect the society positively.

He reported that a total of 7,298 corps members are expected to pass out of the service year in the 2015 Batch B.

“For now, only the 2015 Batch B stream I is passing out and they are 4,080.

“The rest of them who are in the 2015 Batch B stream II will pass out on Nov. 4, 2016.

“About 65 of them will not be passing out due to one reason or the other. These corps members are likely to face an extension of their service year.

“One corps member died during the service year from an auto crash. Some corpers distinguished themselves by embarking on developmental projects during the service year; they will be honoured by the FCT Minister in November,’’ he said.

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