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WAEC decries Cheating Among Blind Candidates, Says There are Not Enough Trained Teachers          

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), says blind candidates also cheat during examinations.

WAEC has revealed that it’s not only students with sight that cheat, that the blind students also cheat during the WAEC examination

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday, the Head of Test Administration of WAEC in Nigeria, Mrs Frances Iweha-Onukwu, in an interview with, says they cheat by colluding.

She disclosed that the reason for the cheating might be that the candidates were usually not well equipped individually for the examinations.

She added that this had been responsible for what she described as ‘not too wonderful performance’ among the blinds.

“We have discovered that there is usually high incidence of collusion among blind candidates during examinations. That is why their performance has not really been anything wonderful. Our society is such that there have not been adequate and conscious efforts to take care of the challenged. There have not been enough trained personnel to guide blind candidates before being exposed to major external examination’’, she said.

She lamented a situation where just one teacher who studied Special Education in a tertiary institution is employed to provide for the needs of physically challenged persons of several dimensions. She said the situation must be reviewed.

“I cannot explain how one teacher, who studied special education can be given the singular task of meeting the academic needs of the deaf, dumb, the blind and all others. Meanwhile, there are candidates who need personalised attention on one-on-one basis.

If we intend to give the best and all-inclusive education, Federal Government must employ more trained teachers in special education to take care of the different defects among the physically challenged students.

There must also be consciousness in policy formulation that will take care of these persons. This is because there is ability in disability. These persons can do better if adequate care is given,’’ Iweha-Onukwu added.

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