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Kaduna to share free computer tablets to secondary school students

The Kaduna state government has acquired  a total of 5,000 computer tablets to be distributed to students in a bid to enhance teaching and learning in public secondary schools.

The state’s commissioner of education, science and technology, Andrew Nok disclosed this in an interview with NAN on Monday.

Nok said that the initiative was to arm the students with information technology skills and incorporate them into the IT world.

“The tablets are loaded with all the needed programmes and will be distributed to senior secondary school I (SSI) students in all public secondary schools across the state.

“By the time the SSI students move to SSII, the government will procure another set of tablets and distribute to the newly admitted SSI students.

“We will continue this way until all our senior secondary school students have computer tablets and are part of the IT driven world,’’ he said.

The commissioner further stated that the effort would not only improve teaching and learning but would also make the students computer compliant.

Speaking further, Nok said the state government had equally set aside N100 million research grant to solve some environmental, health and security issues in the state.

He stated that the grant is open for any scientist from any institution, who wishes to carry out research, either on health, environment, conflict resolution or other issues confronting the state.

“We are calling on scientists and researchers to use the opportunity and access the grant.

“All they need to do is to send a proposal and if we are convinced it would solve a pressing problem in the state, we will give such a person go ahead,’’ the commissioner added.




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