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UNICAL Lecturer Threatens Colleague for Allegedly Sexually Harassing a 16-year-old Student

The University of Calabar (UNICAL), Head of a Department in the Faculty of Law, Dr. Eni Alobo has gone on social media to threaten an undisclosed colleague who he alleged to have been sexually harassing a 16-year-old student.

Alobo alleged that the said lecturer has declined to release her file so she won’t graduate, although she has completed all her requirements for graduation.

He also revealed that the said lecturer who is well past his fifties has been demanding that the teenager travel with him or meet him outside the university.

According to him,

“She is just 16 years undertaking the Diploma in Law programme in Unical. You are over fifty years and your 1st daughter is older than her. Now the faculty asked you to supervise her and u ve refused to release her file two months after she finished her work. You are insisting she must travel with u or see you outside the school. For what?

A colleague has pleaded with you and ur still obstinate. Parents handover their children to us to train them in learning and character but we turn around to defile them. If by the end of next week her file is not released, u will regret.

Tomorrow you will say it is a setup. You ve never had the courage to ask put a girl who is not your student. You limit your tossing capacity on students because you can overwhelm their volition; Coward! One day God will disgrace u.”


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