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Inferno at Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma

Yesterday night, 5th May 2016, an inferno engulfed the Nursing Science Department of the Ambrose Alli University, undergraduates and people of Ekpoma were awoken last night by the fire. The cause of the fire has not been identified.

Ambrose Alli University is always having fire out breaks and it is becoming a norm in the University.

Last year 2015, it was their Microbiology Department that caught fire and vital files and academic records were burnt to ashes.

The fire incident of yesterday night was the 6th fire outbreak in a succession.

Students speculated then that the school management should be held responsible for all the fire outbreaks and that the lectures could have a hand in it for the purpose of withholding student’s result.

Some students laid accusations that the lecturers could also have planned it in order to make students pay for extra year if they have a spill i.e. pay extra school fees or for the students to give them money.

The students went ahead to accuse the lecturers of deliberately setting the school ablaze especially immediately after their school exams so as to achieve their devious plans.

Although Mr. Chris Adamaigbo, the University’s spokesman debunked the allegation and said they were all baseless and can’t be proved.

Now that it has happened again what will the school management say???

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