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“I was beaten and molested, I only picked a bottle in self defence” – Suspended OAU SUG Vice President cries out

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) suspended SUG Vice President, Jacob Grace who is presently recovering at a private hospital, has reacted to report of her suspension, disclosing that she was assaulted by Afolabi in the presence of other exco including the students union President, Oyekan Ibukun.

Spokesperson to the 500 level student of Law, Onyeka Chukwudi, through a statement to The Education Report, claimed that the SUG President and other exco watched while the director of socials manhandled her, and her shout for help attracted some students around the students’ union building alas they could not gain entrance because Ibukun ordered that the doors be locked.

Chukwudi stated that the director of socials took advantage of the closed door opportunity to hit her severally and that when the beating became unbearable, she resorted to picking up an empty bottle, broke it in attempt to protect herself from the assault.

SUN reports that in a letter to the VC dated September 8, Grace said the indefinite suspension was based on one-sided information that she was the aggressor and initiator of the violence of Tuesday, September 5.’’

“When I indicated my intention to leave, the president ordered the door be locked and discouraged any executive member from stopping the director of socials in his harassment of my person, as he said, it was a case of two people fighting,’’ she said.

“I was beaten, molested, taunted and that I only picked a bottle in self-defence and that was only to scare my way out of the room after I was hit severally, was taunted by other executive members while people banging on the door outside were prevented from gaining entry to intervene in the situation.

“Meting out punishment before hearing the parties to a case is already a breach of the principle of fair hearing. It is an inverted sense of justice. It is very unfair that despite being the victim in this case and while still unstable in the hospital, I am treated as an abuser.’’

Prof Olalekan Aransi, Dean, Division of Student Affairs told The Education Report that the university management has suspended the two students’ union exco members as the decision was taken at a management meeting.

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