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#BBNaija2018: I started having sex at 12, had Gonorrhea at 17 – Tobi opens up

Last evening during the Big Brother Naija housemates task which gave housemates an opportunity to talk about safe sex as well as sexually transmitted diseases, Tobi Bakre revealed that he became sexually active at the age of 12 and at the age of 17, he contacted gonorrhoea.

Tobi said he contacted the disease because he stopped having safe sex as he assumed he was clean, but not until his second year in University when one of his sexual partners told him he needed to run a test because she guessed he had infected her.

Though the test confirmed that he indeed had gonorrhoea, however Tobi further told his fellow Big Brother Naija housemates that he felt so ashamed to let his family doctor know and that led him into patronizing quack doctors who worsened the disease.

He said he was forced to open up to his family doctor who gave him proper treatment for months after his case became very bad and since then, he always ensures he uses protection during sex.

He added by saying “That scarred me from having sex for about a month or two months. I abstained…”





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