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Stop sucking people’s luck – Toyin Lawani’s baby daddy, LordTrigg blasts her

Popular Lagos entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has been put on blast by her baby daddy, Lordtrigg.

LordTrigg stated that the fashionista utilises other people’s luck and grace for her own personal gains.

Lordtrigg who took to his social media handle to rant alleged that Toyin Lawani is presently in Turkey undergoing surgical procedures to enhance her look.

He went further to say that despite all the modifications and procedures, the entrepreneur still looks like an amoeba.

Although Lordtrigg didn’t state any reason for his rants but the obviously angered man looked  pissed at the mother of his son.

In his post, he said:

“I swear this old shrinkle a$s hole ain’t ready for this lol. First 20 people to comment “fake a$s hoes and @tiannahsplacempire, stop svcking peoples luck and grace” gets 20k each. All these surgeries can not help you. You are in Turkey right right now for surgeries to look better won’t change nothing. You will come back still looking like an ameoba.”

Lordtrigg, 25 and Toyin’ 35 relationship was the talk of the town in previous years. They seemed to be inseparable when it all began but everything took a new turn after the birth of their son.

Recall in 2017 when Lord Trigg granyed an interview, he praised Toyin Lawani and claimed he didn’t believe the relationship would stand despite the rumours in the media.

He even went as far as talking marriage plan as at then. According to him:

‘I’m not letting out details about the marriage yet, it’s going to be a surprise, our relationship has been over 4 years now and it’s been sweet all the way. What keeps us going is the heart, she’s got a great heart and we truly love each other. And in 4 years, I’ve not had any other woman apart from her. My girl is beautiful, my girl is classy, my girl is everything I want, so why would I want another woman?’

We keep wondering what actually went wrong.





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