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#BBNaija2018: Nina’s boyfriend, Collins deletes all her pictures on IG

It seems Nina will be loosing her boyfriend, Collins after the Big Brother Naija show as he has deleted all traces of her pictures from his social media handle.

Nina’s boyfriend, Collins appears to have moved on as a result of her several show of affection to fellow housemate Miracle.

As part of the measures to move on with his life, Collins deleted all traces of Nina’s pictures on his social media page.

Despite Nina’s  confession of being in love with Collins, the reality star seems to be having fun in the house with fellow housemate, Miracle. They have even had sex on some occasions including giving him a blow job.

Although Nina who claims to love Collins says she would continue from where they stopped when she leaves the house, Collins seems to have had enough of her love display in the house.

Nina who is in love with her fellow housemate, Miracle, and has said multiple times on the show, that she was originally on the show for the money but has helplessly fallen in love with Miracle.

Collins who had initially been supportive of her seem to be fed up with the whole shenanigan as he has now deleted all traces of her from his page, changed his handle and put it on private.

His actions follows after Nina gave a shout-out to his mom last night to mark Women’s day, writing..

“Happy International Women’s Day to my boo’s mummy, Collins mummy. I love you”



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