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Follower calls out Bisi Alimi for being a fake gay man

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi was dragged into a spat with a follower shortly after he shared a photo of a Nigerian man who he claimed a homophobic gang uses to lure gay men.

He wrote on the photo he shared;

“Do you know this person or are you this person? A notorious homophobic gang around lagos is using this image to lure innocent gay men. If you are or you know this person, can you alert them to this situation. Thanks.”

Reacting to the post, a follower accused Bisi Alimi who has a grown son of only identifying with the LGBT community because of selfish reason of getting a green card.

According to her:

 “@bisialimi bisi you are a fake gay man, you only want to use homosexuality to collect citizenship from Iya Charly. All these Nigerian men with baby mamas still sleeping will be lying, you have a grown up son and you are gay. Awon oni ro. Awon Omo Naija ni London are now using homosexuality as a way to collect paper from Iya Charly. Ti London o ba pay e o de losi Libya. You people should continue bringing disgrace to Naija. Awon oni iranu

@bisialimi so you are agree you only want to use the gay thing to collect visa from Iya Charly, like all you Naija men are doing in Woolwich

@bisialimi eranko oni ranu see his head like chicken”

Trust Bisi Alimi not to allow this slide as he replied her saying;

“@folashade_babe is it your pussy that I fucked? Or is it your gay that I am? Talking about pity, I guess you need it more than more. Finally, if you hate me so much, why are you following me? Do I remind you of your best lesbian sex?

@folashade_babe is that the best punch you can pull? One will think when you rushed here, you are going to be throwing shade, but the best you can do is fall flat like a 100yr old woman breast.”



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