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#BBNaija2018: ‘It really gave me a sour taste’ – Cee-C’s sister reacts to insult on Tobi

Cee-C’s sister, Vanessa, has reacted to the Big Brother Naija housemate’s outburst yesterday, brought about series of condemnation from notable Nigerian celebrities.

Although Vanessa admitted that the show so far has been thrilling but that yesterday’s incidence and the consequent outburst really gave her a sour taste, but she is still going to support Cee-C to the end.

She also thanked God that the show is almost over so she can get answers to questions running through her mind.

Here’s what she said;

“Yesterday’s incidence and the consequent outburst really gave me a sour taste. The hardest part comes from all the unanswered questions running through my mind. .

But thank God the show is almost over, all questions will be answered. .

The journey has been thrilling. Thank you very much to everyone that has supported thus far. God bless you. . I’m still going to love and support my Cee-C to the END.


While challenging Tobi to a fight on Wednesday, Cee-c said,

“You’ll see what I’ll do to you outside the house. We’ll meet outside the house and you’ll know you are nothing to me. You are going about showing muscles and exposing your chest.

“Come and face me like a man. You are a small boy. Your story is that you are with one man today and another tomorrow.

“Cee-c this, Cee-c that. You are a fool. Foolish boy. When we go outside this house I will show you what it means to be a man.

“If you can’t face me like a man then keep your smelling mouth from my matter.

“I have forgotten about you for a long time. Small brain. Stay away from my matter and stop looking for my trouble. Useless piece of sh*t. You are not a real man like Ebuka. Your mouth is dustbin. I have warned you, stay away.”




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