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Korede Bello denies rumours that he bought his school certificate

Korede Bello isn't happy about the rumours making rounds that he bought his recent degree certificate.

The musician has taken to his social media handle to refute the claims that he couldn’t have it that people actually believed he bought his certificate from the Nigeria Institute of Journalism.

He also went on to reveal the main reason he finished school was to be a light for a lot of young Nigerians.

"I initially didn’t want to post this for many reasons but I was wrong on all counts. I’d be doing millions of young people and my peers a disservice by not boldly putting it out there that impossiblity is a myth; you can be Talented and Distinguished; Famous and Dignified; Celebrated and Educated; that you can be a MEGA SUPERSTAR with a MEGA SUPER VISION.

For this, I am grateful to God. The main reason I endured to the finish line was because I needed to push myself and also to be a light for a lot of young Nigerians who think you cannot be an established Artiste and still achieve academic excellence. I endured because #MyPeople needed a role model.

"A few days before I got signed I was still looking for tuition fees, so I understand the experience that some of you go through. But just as HE came through for me, HE’ll come through for you. No, it wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

I was graced and I'm grateful. And no, I didn’t buy my result but I paid for it through hard work, commitment, and sacrifice (time and music). You can too. I believe in you, I believe in us   #DistinguishedNigerianYouths #NigerianInstituteOfJournalism#MassCommGraduate  #Godwin," he explained.

Korede Bello was among the seven students out of the 1,341 students from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism who graduated with a distinction; Korede Bello surprised his fans as a brilliant mind when his name was revealed as one of the students.

The event which took place at the institute located in Ogba, Lagos state on April 20, 2018, saw the Mavin artist graduating as best in Editorial writing.




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