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The Council of Fashion Designers of America [CFDA] Awards took place on June 6th, 2016. The award was designed to recognize individuals from all aspect of the fashion and related arts for their amazing contribution to the American fashion.

Various celebrities like "Lizzy Caplan", "Salma Hayek", "Ëllie Fanning", "Kelly Rowland", "Kylie Jenner" and a host of others graced the occasion.

Of all these celebrities was Supermodel "Naomi Campbell". The empire star that played the character "Camilla Marks-Whitesman", a character that ended up dying towards the concluding part of the second season of the intriguing series was seen in a stunning black outfit.

An outfit most fans claim stole the show; she was seen in a formfitting and slinky "Brandon Maxwell Gown" that made caught the eye of both organizers of the show and celebrities alike.

Brandon Maxwell, maker of the gown she wore at the awards won the award for "Swarovski Womenswear" at the CFDA Awards.

The 46-year old had this to say about the designer,

“We collaborated on something for my birthday, and Brandon is loved by people that I love and respect like Edward Enninful. It’s a given!”

She also complimented him saying,

"I don’t ask Brandon what he’s going to put me in, I trust; and there are very few people I do that with. Alaïa being one of them, obviously, so very few, but I trusted what he was going to choose”.

When interviewed, Brandon Maxwell opened up as to how nervous he was and how the supermodel tried to calm him down. He said,

“She was playing me music and trying to calm me and I was so nervous all day long. I’m happy to be here now”.

It is no doubt that Brandon Maxwell knows how to make an outfit and Naomi Campbell knows how to rock one.

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