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Manchester United Midfielder, Paul Pogba and Dencia accused of disturbing Neighbors with Loud Sex Moans

World record signing and Manchester United's midfielder, ‘Paul Pogba’ and African singer ‘Dencia’ have been accused of disturbing their hotel neighbors with loud sexual moans during sexual intercourse.

Pogba and Dencia were reported to have kept guests at the hotel awake as loud sex moans emanated from their bedroom. The ‘SUN’ reports that one of the guests had to switch hotels after incessant sex moans from Pogba's room.

The guest said;

"We stayed at the Lowry and saw Pogba and Dencia together. You can’t miss Dencia – she is loud and flashy".

"We were staying near them on the third floor of the hotel, so saw them coming and going from his room at the end of the hall-way. I settled down to sleep at 2am after getting in late. There was loud hip-hop music blaring from his room and lots of giggling. It eventually quietened down but between 3am and 4am there was unmistakable moaning and groaning to be heard".

"They didn’t seem to care who heard them. It went on forever. It sounded like a porn movie. A few times we heard moans of ‘Paul, babe’ it was very uncomfortable. It was impossible not to hear because she was very loud".

"The first day I saw Paul and Dencia together was the evening of September 24. Dencia wore black outfits and always had boots on. The first time I heard the sex noises was between 1am and 2am the following morning. I could also hear them on the nights of September 27, 28 and 30 – on that occasion as late as 4am".

"If it wasn’t loud music from his room it was loud moaning. The music was as annoying as the sex because it was vulgar hip hop".

Dencia's manager, ‘Raýmani Zaloumis-Steele’ stated that his client had no sexual relationship with Paul Pogba, to begin with.

He said;

"She does not have a sexual relationship with Paul Pogba. They are part of the same social circle. During some of the period in question, Dencia was in Europe at a DJ-ing gig, and to promote her multi-million dollar skincare line, Envydia".

Paul Pogba who recently featured for his club, Manchester United in their goalless draw against Liverpool has kept mum on the accusation.

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