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Movie Alert: 'Desecration' starring Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin, Nicola Alexis and a host of others

Our movie alert for today goes to the ‘Niyi Towolawi’ movie, 'Desecration' which features Nollywood stars such as Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin, Rykardo Agboh, Moji Batemfa and Ken Smart alongside, British-Nigerian actress, Nicola Alexis, Max Cavenham and Angel Agala.

The romantic thriller shows how a casual meeting with ‘Linda Bruce’ (Rita Dominic) suddenly leads to a living nightmare for ‘Olushola Daniels’ (Joseph Benjamin) and his wonderful family as he becomes captivated and emotionally entangled with her. He tries all his possible best to keep his wife (Nicola Alexis) from finding out his affair with Linda.

Desecration which is directed by Niyi Towolawi and produced by ‘Bode Odetoye’ was shot and set in London.

Niyi Towolawi revealed how exciting it was to shoot the movie in London, he said;

"It was an absolute pleasure shooting a feature in London and getting the opportunity to photograph this beautiful city, working with close allies and a producer that allowed me so much space to put my signature as an auteur on the film".

Desecration is set to hit the cinemas on November 11th.


Watch Trailer Below:

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