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Movie Alert: 'If God Be For Us' starring John Dumelo, Eddie Watson, Pascal Amanfo and More (Watch Trailer)

Our movie alert for today goes to Abdul Sallam Mumuni's 'If God Be For Us' starring John Dumelo, Eddie Watson, Evelyn Addo, Pascal Amanfo, Alexander Osei, Kalsoume Sinare, Jose Tolbert and a host of others.

The thriller tells the story of Johnson (Eddie Watson), a noble and upright man who avoids corruption. Everything seems perfect for Johnson in his marriage to Nancy (Evelyn Addo), the daughter of a former Supreme Court judge, Mrs. Anuzia (Kalsoume Sinare) until he is indicted for the murder of his wife. His best friend, Akin (John Dumelo) is willing to go the extra mile to ensure he proves his friend's innocence while Azu (Pascal Amanfo), Johnson's prison mate helps to build his faith in the Lord. However, the major question on the lips of everyone is simple, is Johnson innocent and how does his faith save him from this precarious situation?

'If God Be For Us' is produced by Abdul Sallam Mumuni under ‘Venus Film Productions’ and is directed by Pascal Amanfo. The movie is set to hit cinemas this November and promises to be emotional, captivating and thrilling.



Watch Trailer Below:

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