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Nigerian Movies gross over N1billion in 2016 as 'The Wedding Party' breaks box-office record

2016 was one of the most amazing years for Nollywood as Nigerian movies grossed over N1billion.

The year saw fifty locally produced movies rake in a total of N1billion in ticket sales which is 30% of the total N3.5billion generated from 28 cinemas across the country.

Movies such as AY Makun's 'A Trip to Jamaica', Omoni Oboil's 'Wives on Strike', Kunle Afolayan's 'The CEO', '76', '93 Days', Kemi Adetiba's 'The Wedding Party' and a host of others were among the movies to really make a mark in the Nigerian movie industry last year.

The Wedding Party which premiered in December broke the box-office record for the highest grossing movie in the country after raking in a total of N203million to beat AY's 'A Trip to Jamaica' which raked in N178million.

The movie showed early signs of breaking the record after it debuted with the biggest opening weekend in the history of the Nigerian movie industry raking in a total of N36million. It also went on to have the best-ever opening week after raking in N66million before breaking grounds with a Christmas box-office total of N146million.

According to reports, a lot of viewers who had initially seen the movie doubled back for a second viewing with friends and families but could not see the movie due to sold-out screens.

Executive producer of the romantic comedy, Mo Abudu said;

"We really believe that the Nigerian consumer will support ‘made in Nigeria’ products, if the quality is comparable to international standards. We wanted to create a film that would make our people proud and the response of movie-goers suggests that we have succeeded. Equally important has been the support of so many sponsors, including Dubai Tourism, Airtel, Diageo and Bank of Industry, who were instrumental in getting us off to an amazing start".

The COO of FilmOne DIstribution, ‘Moses Babatope’ was particularly pleased with the public reaction to the movie.

He said;

"This has been an amazing year for Nigerian cinema. With returns of well over N200 million, The Wedding Party is on track to deliver numbers we have never seen before for a Nigerian film. It’s important to note that it is selling more tickets than Rogue One, part of the Star Wars franchise and the biggest film worldwide this season. For the first time, Nollywood is competing with Hollywood at the Nigerian box-office and winning".


Take a look at the 2016 Top 10 Chart for highest grossing movies in Nigeria;

  1. The Wedding Party – FilmOne Nollywood – N203 million


  1. A Trip to Jamaica – FilmOne Nollywood – N178.5 million


  1. Batman Vs Superman – Warner/Crimson – N140 million (Estimated)


  1. Captain America – Marvel/Disney/Crimson – N119 million (Estimated)


  1. Suicide Squad – Warner/Crimson – N116 million (Estimated)


  1. London Has Fallen – Independent/Okhma – N90 million (Estimated)


  1. Doctor Strange – Marvel/Disney/Crimson – N85 million (Estimated)


  1. Gods of Eqypt – Independent/Okhma – N80 million (Estimated)


  1. Mechanic Ressurection – Independent/Okhma – N75 million (Estimated)


  1. 76 – Silverbird Nollywood – N72 million (Estimated)


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