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RMD reunites with Ego Boyo on-screen decades after ‘Violated’

Those who watched Richard Mofe-Damijo and Ego Boyo co-star in Amaka Igwe’s ‘Checkmate’ and in the iconic movie ‘Violated’ will for sure testify that it was indeed a delight to behold.

A few decades after they both became national movie stars, Mofe-Damijo  and Boyo have reunited for a new television comedy/drama ‘The Mr X Family Show’.

RMD reveals that he and Boyo are “pretty excited” about the new television series which he produces.

“My journey with Ego Boyo @officialegoboyo started nearly 30 years ago, our first encounter being on the production of CHECKMATE when my dear friend Amaka Igwe pulled me in as the villain Segun Kadiri on the highly coveted TV series,” RMD wrote on Instagram on Monday.

“One of the most remarkable things about Ego is that despite the fact that she is born with a silver spoon into the family of the highly respected late Justice Nnamani she was super disciplined (she still is), very humble and extremely committed.

“Our status as Nigerian TV sweethearts rose with the movie VIOLATED as ‘Tega’ and ‘Peggy’ became the toast of Violated fans. Since then Ego has gone ahead to becoming wife, mother, accomplished business woman and the president of International Women’s Society.

“Over 25 years later Tega and Peggy are back together again on my new TV “DramCom” The Mr X Family Show. I can only hope that getting back together again on TV will tickle fans of Ann Hathrope and Segun Kadiri and the fans of Tega and Peggy who have been craving to have them grace their TV screens again.”

We can’t wait to behold the magic these two will perform on screen.


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