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Daddy Freeze says superhero movie, "Black Panther" is overhyped

Despite the buzz from every corner of the world about  the new movie, "Black Panther," controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze said the movie is over hyped does not promote black culture.

Daddy Freeze has discredited the internationally-acclaimed black superhero movie "Black Panther," insisting the movie is over hyped and does not promote black culture.

While commenting on an anti-Black Panther social media post, he said the producers and financiers of the movie who are White folks are only cashing in on black people's sentiments.

"...the overhyped movie is neither promoting black culture nor adding any significant value to us... They are using our sentiments to cash in, while the real money makers are the producers, the marketers and the financier..... and they ain’t us!" Freeze said.

The Ryan Coogler-directed action movie has proved wrong the notion that films with black casts underperform overseas - grossing over $184.6 million outside the US.

"Black Panther" raked in an estimated $192 million in North America alone last weekend

The movie is Marvel Studios' first film directed by an African-American.


A scene from the movie



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