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#BBnaija2018: ‘Divide your N45m into two & give half to Nina’- Uche Maduagwu challenges Miracle

Self acclaimed Nollywood best actor, Uche Maduagwu has asked Big Brother Naija winner, Miracle to divide his N45million win into two and give half to Nina if he truly loves her as he claims.

The self acclaimed biggest actor in Nigeria says Miracle’s test of love can be proved by his willingness to share his win into two and offer it to Nina who he was romantically involved with during the show.

Maduagwu also frowned on how society shames a promiscuous woman but allows the man go free and walks away like a legend.

According to him:

“Divide the MONEY into two, and give Nina half if you truly love her…@miracleikechukwu

Let’s see if you only had SEX with the poor girl in #BBnaija for LOVE or just maximum #FUN. After all, both of you had marathon SEX, but i guess Nigerians voted for you to WIN because our society rewards the gallantry of men having indecent SEX with a lady in public or on #Television, yet, despise women for being morally indecent and irresponsible for the same UGLY act.

That’s the society we live in, and i think this is a BIG lesson to other girls, when you allow a guy to publicly use you like toilet paper in bed, he’ll walk away like a legend, because he is a MAN.

But as an African woman, the world will never forget your irresponsible act, I’m sorry, but that’s a cross you just have to carry for the rest of your life as a Nigerian woman.

As the Biggest Actor in #Nigeria, I’ll feel so bad if @miracleikechukwu refuses to share the 45 million Naira equally with Nina.”


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