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‘My new single “Ire” is dedicated to my late Sister’ – Adekunle Gold shares an emotional story

Nigerian urban highlife singer, Adekunle Gold, has just released the video for his hit single ‘Ire’ and watching it will leave anyone emotional.

Adekunle Gold who in the video, was captured with a little girl dancing around him, through a social media post explained that the girl symbolizes Busayo who never left his side, and his latest single Ire is dedicated to the memory of his late sister.

Adekunle who is a nephew to veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, wrote;

“For Busayo”

Who is Busayo?

I’ve been getting this question a lot. Busayo is my sister. We lost her in 2011 to a Heart Complication. I’m fiercely protective of my family but I didn’t think I could skip out one of my favorite memories or people in life.

Busayo was symbolically represented by the little girl skipping around me in the video as that is who she was in real life.

She never left my side, matter of fact, she was my younger twin. We looked alike and she could sing for the whole of AFRICA.

In my heart, I believe I sing for the both of us; It was only right that I dedicated the video to her memory…


The song has gotten a lot of positive feedbacks already with some listeners insisting that Adekunle Gold is a legend in the making.



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