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The Ankara material is so special that one is allowed to use it to sew anything. Ankara materials give you the opportunity of doing anything you wish with it.

We are now living in the age of Ankara accessories so the usage of Ankara has gone beyond just using it to make clothes.

The creativity of the fashion world has allowed us to see other ways to make use of the ankara, and this post explores just one of the ways –Necklace.

One can indeed get stylish with Ankara fabrics because it is limitless.

The Ankara print can be used to make shoes, bags, earrings, bangles, muffle, hair accessories etc.

Another good thing about using the Ankara to make Neck piece is that it comes in different shades, sizes and in fact you can as well merge different colours of different print to get that unique neckpiece you have always yearned to own.

Below are some examples of beautifully crafted Ankara Necklace.      









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