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4 Ways to tie a scarf for men

A scarf isn't the most popular clothing but it has its uses. The scarf could serve as a protection against extreme cold weather conditions or it could serve as an accessory to one's outfit. If knotted in the right way, a scarf will add class and charm to one's personality and will have one feeling like 'Pablo Escobar'.

There are various ways to tie a scarf for men which will depict class and get one looking like a gentleman.

Check out these four ways to tie a scarf for men;

  1. The City Slicker

Knotting a scarf in this manner will keep one looking as stylish as they come. Fold the scarf in half length and place it around your neck. Pull the loose end through the loop created by the fold and adjust it to fit around your neck properly.



  1. The Sophisticate

Knotting a scarf in this manner will definitely have one looking classy. Place the scarf around your neck leaving one end to be longer than the other. Wrap the longer end around your neck once or twice to make it align with the shorter end.



  1. The Ivy Leaguer

As classy as they come; knotting a tie in this manner will have one looking like an ivy leaguer. Place the scarf around your neck and cross both ends so that it forms a 'V-shape'. You could then tuck it into under the lapel or over the blazer. This style is worn majorly with Tuxedos, Blazers or Sweatshirts.



  1. The Jet Setter

The jet setter is one of the most common ways to tie a scarf. Place the scarf around your neck making one end short and the other long. Place the longer end across the front of your neck and allow it to hang over your shoulder leaving the shorter end to be visible.



When next you are looking to tie a scarf, you could try any of these methods and see how classy it will make you look.

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