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Most men do not fancy owning a wallet; why? Because they fear they may be too careless as to drop it off somewhere and forget it or perhaps have it stolen from right under their noses.

Keeping wads of cash in your pocket is even worse because you just might misplace them when trying to take out your phone or any other thing in your pocket.

Wallets are fantastic accessories to have because they keep your money neat and well-organized and also afford you room to keep other things like your credit and debit cards as well as your official cards and ID cards.

Check out these five (5) cool wallets for men;

  1. Louis Vuitton Coated Canvas Wallet

The Louis Vuitton Coated Canvas wallet is one cool wallet all men should definitely try out. The wallet is characterized by eight roomy card slots with a compartment for notes and an exterior that is painted in neon Karakorum pattern.



  1. Mulberry Dazzle Camouflage Wallet

The Mulberry dazzle camouflage was inspired by the dazzle camouflage used during the world war. The mulberry dazzle camouflage is a zip-over wallet which is a perfect fit for those who do not carry large cash around.



  1. Burberry Camouflage Wallet

The Burberry camouflage wallet is an army-camouflaged wallet that depicts class. You could also go for a brown or black Burberry wallet but if you are looking to stand out, try out the camouflage.



  1. Canali Wallet

The Canali wallet is also one very cool wallet to own. With a little silver steel touch to it, the Canali wallet is definitely one that depicts class.



  1. Hackett London Wallet

The Hackett London Wallet is the perfect card holder. With various compartments for cards as well as a slot for keeping money, the Hackett London wallet is the ideal choice for a businessman.

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