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7 Wardrobe Essentials for Guys

A guy's wardrobe might not be filled up with as many clothes as the wardrobe of a girl but there are some essentials that must be found in a man's wardrobe. A guy who is into fashion will definitely have all these essentials in his wardrobe.

Check out these wardrobe essentials every guy must have in order for his wardrobe to stand out.

  1. Plain White Shirt

A plain white shirt is quite essential for any guy because it comes in handy on various occasions. It could be short or long sleeves but a guy's wardrobe should definitely have one or two plain white shirts.


  1. Polo Neck T-Shirts

This is definitely a must-have in any guy’s wardrobe. Polo neck tees come in handy in a lot of situation because one could wear them at home, for minor or major hangouts and even to work dependent on the dress code at the office.


  1. Blue and black jeans

A jean is as essential as they come. Every guy's wardrobe must have at least a pair of black and blue jeans. It fits well with the polo neck T-shirts and even the plain white shirts.


  1. Blazers

Not only working class guys must have this in their wardrobe. A blazer is an essential for every guy because you never can tell when an occasion might arise in which you will need to slay in that blazer.


  1. Formal Black Pant

Having a formal black pant is as important as having a jean in every guy's wardrobe. A black pant fits well with the plain white shirts as well as the Blazers and T-shirts.


  1. Leather Belt

The importance of a belt in a guy's wardrobe cannot be overemphasized. It could be a black belt, a brown belt or the both.


  1. White Sneakers

Sneakers are essential in any guy's wardrobe. A pair of white sneakers adds color to an outfit especially when wearing Tees on Jeans.

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