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Most guys prefer to rock a bowtie rather a necktie. Some do this based on preference while others do this because they feel a bowtie depicts more class than a necktie.

A well-worn bowtie beats a well-worn necktie and can add class to your dressing.

However, a misguided attempt could be a turnoff. There are some rules one must follow if you want to rock a bowtie and slay on it.

Check out these four rules for wearing a bowtie;

  1. Do it yourself

Rule number one, do it yourself. There are basically three types of bowties; Self-tied, Pre-tied and Clip-on. The self-tied bowtie is the one you have to knot by yourself, the pre-tied bowtie is already knot but you will have to hook it around your neck and adjust it to fit whereas the clip-on is the one you just have to clip on without any room for adjustment. If you are looking to wear a bowtie, it is always advisable to use the self-tied bowtie. Knot it to your taste and rock it to your convenience.


  1. Know your shapes

Rule number two, you have to know your shapes. There are more than one bowtie shapes; we have the butterfly, batwing, diamond tip, big butterfly and a host of others. If you want to rock a bowtie, you have to be conversant with your shapes. The big butterfly is suitable for men with larger necks whereas the batwing is a perfect fit for men with smaller necks. You have to be conversant with the shapes of your bowties before picking the one to wear.


  1. Color Pairing

Rule number three, you have to be able to pair colors and patterns with confidence. Most people make the mistake of matching their bowties with their pocket square but this shouldn't be so. Pair a small-patterned bowtie with a large-patterned shirt rather than a small-patterned bowtie with a small-patterned shirt. Also, avoid bowties with yellow and red checker print because it will only make you appear like a clown.


  1. Keep it fitted

Rule number four, you have to keep your bowties fitted and also pay attention to the fabric you are matching the tie with. Bowties are not meant for casual shirts and at such should not be worn on them. Ensure you wear a bowtie that is fitted and sticks firmly to the neck rather than one that moves with the wind or suffocates you.

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