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Breaking World Record! Diamond earrings auctioned for N22bn

For a world record price of $57.4m (N22,099,000,000), a pair of diamond earrings has been sold at an auction in Geneva.

The pear-shaped jewels, Apollo and Artemis are almost 16 karats each. Despite the fact that Artemis is pink and Apollo is blue, the flawless stones which were mined in South Africa are perfectly matched.

Auction giant, Sotheby initially offered them separately believing it would be herculean to find a buyer interested in the earrings which were the stars of Geneva’s spring jewelry auction.

But the earrings were bought by one person: an anonymous buyer who will keep them as a pair.

Sotheby’s chief auctioneer, David Bennet revealed that coloured diamonds are extremely rare “show stoppers”.

“These are in their own right extraordinarily rare stones, but taken together they are unprecedented, they are absolutely stunning,” Bennet said.

Apollo and Artemis differ in their respective prices. Apollo was sold for $42.5m while Artemis went for $15.5m.

The pure colourful blue of Apollo is said to be rarer, and therefore worth more than the intense pink Artemis.

Despite selling for a world record whooping price, Apollo and Artemis were sold out below their estimated prices of $70m.




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