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Hurray, you are in your twenties with your life ahead of you, you have plenty of time to do a whole lot of things but there are very important items we need to pick up for ourselves at this stage of our lives.

These items are attainable and will often be used even as you usher into your thirties.

So here are some pieces a lady in her twenties ought to have in her possession.

A good Interview Outfit

You need to have a good interview outfit no matter what you have studied. Make sure you buy the one that soothes your taste.



A Timepiece

A watch gives off a very classy message and there is something so cool about a chunky menswear-inspired style.


An Investment Bag

You should have one statement bag in your closet. Stick to neutral colours this way you will get the most use out of it.


A Party Shoe

A party shoe is just perfect for those nights when you just want to throw on jeans and a white tee?



Favourite Mascara

Go for a favourite go-to brand that will streamline your beauty routine because looking good is good business



A Badass Leather Jacket

You need one topper that will go with anything.



Tried-and-True Skinny Jeans     

Check out the denim brands to find your perfect fit.



A Killer Little Black Dress (LBD)

A little black dress is a must have in any woman's wardrobe because it will have all your bases covered whether you are going to the club, a trendy restaurant, or even a girl's night.




A Favourite Lipstick/Lip-gloss

No matter what shade you prefer, you should always have your go-to lip colour handy.



A Hot Date-Night Outfit


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