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The best everyday routine for ladies with thick brows

If you are the type that loves thick eye brows, then this is for you. Thick/full eye brows can stay perfect just like any other if well done.

A lot of ladies prefer fuller brows because it’s tidy enough to suit the face shape and the overall makeup-look tends to sit well on one's face.

If one must look good on a full eyebrow, then it’s also very important to tame and define your brows because defined brows gives shape to the face while looking gorgeous.

Check out the steps of defining your thick brows for everyday look.

  1. Brush the brows in their natural line and
  2. Define the brows with a definer, pencil etc gently filling in (where necessary) towards the natural direction and shape.
  3. Brush the brows again with a spoolie brush to 'distribute' the product used
  4. Define with concealer ie below and above and blend flawlessly to neaten the area
  5. Continue with other makeup steps as desired.


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