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There are so many ways and areas the harmattan season can affect our health, some of the areas include our skin, eyes and respiratory tract

A lot of people tend to  suffer skin dryness during this season followed by cracking of lips, soles of the feet and sometimes the skin itself.

The eyes also suffer from a lot of dust particles carried along by the winds, thus itching, foreign body sensations and redness may be rampant especially in those with allergic eye diseases.

So many diseases are easily prompted due to this change in weather and lots of care must be taken to avoid fatal consequences.

Below are a few tips on how to make it through this Harmattan period;

  1. Drink plenty water
  2. Avoid carbonated soft drinks because they dehydrate your skin quite bad.
  3. Do not use antiseptic soaps during this weather. Use them only when you have a skin infection it is meant to treat.
  4. Keep the skin healthy by applying oily creams and wearing weather friendly and warm clothing that protects you from the severe cold.
  5. Use lip balms and apply Vaseline to the soles of the feet to prevent them from cracking.
  6. Keep your hair moisturized and do hairstyles that keep your hair ends hidden. You can as well wrap up your hair to protect it from the dust.
  7. Reduce the exposure to the dust by wearing protective spectacles.
  8. Those with chronic respiratory conditions or Asthmatic  patients should pay special attention to their health and take all possible measures to reduce exposure to the dusty atmosphere, not forgetting to carry their inhalers with them at all times.
  9. Sicklers should ensure they are vigilant and keep warm as much as possible to prevent any crisis.
  10. Due to the dusty atmosphere we should practice a healthy food preservation culture. Fruits and Vegetables and fruits should be properly washed before eating and ensure that your stored drinking water should be adequately covered.
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