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A lot of people desire long, white and strong nails but they are burdened with brittle ones that snap anytime it comes in contact with anything.

Every lady will naturally one to show off her long, strong and beautiful nails even to manicurists when getting nails done.

Strong white nails are ever desirable, effortlessly grown up and feminine.

Weak and brittle and chipped, nails on the other hand completely ruin an otherwise great manicure and dampen the appearance of feminine hands.

These two tips involving orange juice and olive oil works on the nail! These tips work to make nails whiter, stronger and longer in no time and they cost almost nothing.

Use of Fresh Orange Juice                

Fresh orange juice has antioxidants that boost nails' appearance and strength.

Soak nails in fresh orange juice for about ten minutes every day to help them grow faster and stronger.

Rinse the nails thoroughly afterwards to remove every trace of citric acid from the nails.

Moisturize the nails with cream to restore moisture.

Olive Oil & Fresh Lemon Juice

Olive oil is a great moisturizer and work wonders on various parts of the body like the skin and hair and are strongly nourishing while lemon juice contains antioxidant that protects and whitens.

To get the best of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, Mix three parts of olive oil + one part of lemon juice and then warm both to room temperature.

 Leave nails in this solution for about ten minutes daily for whiter, stronger and longer nails. Wash and moisturize the hands afterwards.

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