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Nivea Pulls Down advert Campaign with ‘White is Purity’ Tagline After Facing Backlash

This is not the best of times for German company, the producers of Nivea as they were forced to pull down an ad campaign following heavy backlash.

They pulled down the ad campaign following backlash for releasing a deodorant ad with the tagline “White is Purity”.

Of course, the internet went agog and took it as a sign that Nivea was down with their cause. Others remarked that it wasn’t the first time the German company made a weird racial comment with their ads.

Recall that Nivea in 2011 released an ad for their men’s grooming line with the tagline “Re-civilize Yourself,” featuring a black man hurling a disembodied head with an Afro.

See one of the comments

“ Wow that white is purity thing was really bad, i doubt there will be a worst ad for a while.”

Nivea said in a statement;

“We are deeply sorry to anyone who may take offense to this specific post. Diversity and equal opportunity are crucial values of Nivea. We don’t know Nivea’s employee demographics, but diversity is only as valuable as you allow it to be. There’s no point in having employees of different genders and races if you don’t listen to them when they tell you something is a bad idea.”

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