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5 tips on how to maintain your pants

Maintaining one's wardrobe is not as easy as most people picture it but it isn't difficult as well. Keeping your clothes in good shape is ideal if you want them to last longer.

Most pants fade away after washing them once or twice, most fade away due to poor maintenance; keeping them in certain places that will see their color fade away over time.

Good maintenance of your pants starts from how you wash them down to how you keep them.

  1. When washing your pants, turn them inside out. This will reduce the fading as well as protect the buttons and zips.
  2. When pressing your pants, soft press them because over-pressing will create unwanted shine marks and shorten the life of the cloth.
  3. When folding or ironing your pants be sure to know that a crease (lining) might appear on it, so if you don't fancy having a crease on your pants, be careful how you fold or iron them
  4. Stacking your pants along with a pile of clothes can cause it to rumple and damage so it is ideal you hang them in the wardrobe using a hanger.
  5. Keep your pants in places with a little bit of ventilation.

If you are looking to keep your pants in good shape and make the mast longer, be sure to follow these tips.

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