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Adekunle Gold is 'Golden' on cover of latest edition of 'Bold Africa'

Nigerian singer, 'Adekunle Gold' is the cover star for the July edition of 'Bold Africa'.

The singer appears 'golden' on the cover of this edition of the magazine, rocking Ankara and Batik pieces which depict his signature Afrocentric style.

In this edition of the magazine, Adekunle Gold opens up about his musical journey and how being creative has helped shape his music career, his other talents, his style & more.


Read excerpts from his interview below:

Would you say being a creative has helped you shape your career as a musician, so far?

"Yeah definitely, because I feel like I do a lot of things differently. As I am writing a song, I’m thinking about the video already. I’m thinking about the album art. I’m thinking about what I’m wearing in the video, you know. I’m thinking about stage performance. Everything. So being a creative definitely has shaped my music".


So what other talents do you have?

"I feel like daily I keep discovering myself. So tomorrow I don’t know...I’ll probably be a makeup artist".


Would you ever go into acting?

"Oh yeah! I mean, I’ve tried it twice now. I feel like it’s interesting. I want to do more".


So what kind of actor do you think you’ll be?

"Just give me a Ramsey Noah role where I get to kiss all the girls...Let me be that Emeka Ike guy, you know, spitting them bars to get the girls".


How would you describe your style?

"Afrocentric. It’s pure African. I love to represent so I wear Adire. And I think everybody knows that already. I wear 100% Adire. And I feel like it’s beautiful, it makes me unique and that’s why I like it".


Read Full Interview HERE


Creative Direction: Bella Adeleke | @bellaadeleke

Photography: Ademola Odusami | @mr_laah

Styling: Donald Onugha | @donaldunltd


See Photos Below:



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