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Tokyo James releases collection for SS18 Campaign titled 'The African Cowboy'

British-Nigerian Menswear brand, Tokyo James has just released a new collection titled 'The African Cowboy' for its 2018 Summer/Spring (SS18) campaign.

The creative director for the brand, Tokyo James during a chat with BellaNaija revealed that the collection was inspired by Africa and what it means to live in modern-day Africa.

According to Tokyo, identifying as an African is synonymous to "identifying with struggle" and "understanding the true meaning of a fighting spirit".

He also discussed the brand's price point, stating that his pieces were quite affordable dependent on the range.

Tokyo James said;

"It’s not easy being African, to identify as African is to identify with struggle its understanding the true meaning of a fighting spirit. So Africa inspired this collection and what it means to live in modern-day Africa".

"My pieces are quite affordable the price point depends on the range. We have the 'Tokyo James Man' line which is at a higher price point than the 'Tokyo James Black Label'. For the Tokyo James Black Label, our suits start from N95,000".

The fashion designer also spoke on the fabrics used for the African Cowboy collection, stating that "fabrication" is very important to the brand.

According to Tokyo, the fabrics do the talking for the brand and the quality can be depicted from touching or basically looking at the fabric.

He said;

"Fabrication is very important to us as a brand, we go for fabrics that do the talking [for us]. What I mean by that is, you can see the quality from looking or touching the fabric which helps justify our price point. The Tokyo James mainline a suit starts from N180,000 depending on the fabric".

The campaign shoot for 'The African Cowboy' collection was done in Cape Town, South Africa with Tokyo James expressing his love for the city. According to Tokyo, the city is "peaceful and simple".


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