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Beauty without brains! 2016 Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant contestants all disqualified

Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant/ Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi 2016 sets new record as no one emerged a winner in the pageant!

This is a case of beauty without brains as all the contestants were disqualified for their inability to answer simple questions.

The beauty Queens got the shock of their lives when none of them emerged a winner because they could not answer questions asked as part of the competition!

The obviously unintelligent faces at the competition went home tails in between their legs.

Disappointed Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah  who is the sponsor of the pageant disqualified all the contestants when not one of the ladies could answer questions asked!

The beauty pageant held late December 2016 in Eastern part of Nigeria had all contestants for the crown sent away without a price. The brand new car meant for the winner was taken away!

Simple questions asked during the competition were- who the traditional ruler of Nnewi was? What they would do if they were Nigerian presidents amongst other (easy) bits.

The guests and personalities in attendance allegedly left embarrassed advising the girls to go back to school.


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