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‘Coming to America’ to give Nigerian models international exposure

An international fashion and business tour, ‘Coming to America,’ seeks to serve as a platform for Nigerian models to get international exposure.

As a result of this, a fashion event was held on Friday June 9th 2017 at the Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos and more than 50 models displayed their talents while several budding designers showcased at the event – which was streamed worldwide.

Addressing the guests, founder and president of Global Modeling Concepts, Joe Ugonna, explained the aim of the platform.

“This is an intentional effort for us to present what we consider the crème de le crème of Nigerian models to American based agencies in an effort to bridge the gap and share the beauty of such an amazing country. The best case scenario would be all of the presented models being contracted by the conclusion of the event,” he said.

Adding further, the founder and CEO of Sieylan Creations, Yashica Caffee, said that the objective of ‘Coming to America’ is “to present the next iconic African models to America”.

“Africa has produced some of the world’s most successful models. ‘Coming to America’ will give undiscovered talent from America, Nigeria and other African countries an opportunity to be discovered.”

Speaking too theCable after the show, Ugonna said  “When we get back to Atlanta, we are going to have a post-production meeting with our team, and go over the list again, look at it, make suggestions and let people know the shortlisted models”.




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