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Nigerian designers to contend for slot at New York Fashion Week

Organizers of the 'African Fashion and Design Week (AFDW)', Blue Pearl International have announced a competition for creative and innovative designers.

The designers will be invited to showcase their pieces at auditions billed to take place in Lagos and Port Harcourt later this month.

Selected participants will be opportune to showcase their designs at the African Fashion and Design Week after which one contestant will be awarded the title of Blue Pearl Rising Star.

The winner of the Blue Pearl Rising Star will then get an opportunity to showcase at the New York Fashion Week.

A statement from the organizers read;

"As part of BSI’s commitment to fostering creative independence amongst new talent in the African fashion and design industry, Bluepearl Rising Star is a competition in which the most creative and innovative designers selected will each present a much-anticipated capsule collection, before one of the young designers is awarded the title of Bluepearl Rising Star and also given the opportunity to showcase during the New York Fashion Week".

"The prize also includes a scholarship to study Fashion and Design Technology".

The organizers revealed that the competition is targeted at fostering creative independence amongst new talents in the African fashion and design industry.

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