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Big Brother Naija: Gifty evicted from Big Brother House| Biggie nullifies housemate nominations for eviction

The Big Brother Naija House lost another housemate on Sunday as Gifty became the fourth housemate to leave the House following her nomination for eviction last week.

Gifty who was up for eviction alongside ThinTallTony (TTT) and Marvis appeared to have accumulated the least number of votes from the viewers as she was evicted from the House joining Soma, Miyonse and CocoIce who have all been evicted from the Big Brother House.

On Monday was the ‘Live Nomination Show’ for this week's eviction but the Big Brother House is always full of controversy as 'Biggie' decided to nullify all the housemate nominations for unknown reasons. After the housemates had voted, Biggie revealed that he was nullifying all votes and would decide who would be evicted this week.

One of the housemates, Kemen was caught whispering to Marvis that he believed the fake housemates, Jon and Ese were up to something.

Biggie warned Kemen and Marvis to stop their whispers and further issued Kemen a warning that he would be disqualified if he continued. Biggie also warned Marvis to desist from conspiring with other housemates and further went on to withdraw Bally and Bisola's advantage cards.

Many viewers believe Biggie's decision to nullify the housemate votes is because the fake housemates (Jon and Ese) racked up the highest nominations whereas others believe Biggie's decision is due to the fact that he is ready to send Jon and Ese out of the House this weekend.

We will have to wait until the Live Eviction Show this coming Sunday to find out exactly what Biggie has planned out for the House. In the meantime, no housemates are up for eviction this week.

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